Santa Cruz la Laguna and the Hot springs in San Antonio Palopo



Visit Authentic Mayan Kaqchikel villages and explore in depth the Mayan culture of Santa Cruz la Laguna and San Antonio Palopó.  While in San Antonio we will enjoy the hot springs of Lake Atitlan.

Our Day starts from your hotel where you are greeted by your personal guide.  We then leave for Santa Cruz la Laguna, a small remote Mayan village located on the north shore of Lake Atitlan. We will walk the cobblestone streets and interact with the local people while listening to the beautiful sound of the Kaqchikel language.

After visiting Santa Cruz our private boat will transfer us to the hot springs, located between Santa Catarina and San Antonio Palopó.  We will stop for as long as the group wants to swim and experience the hot springs. Later we continue to a beautiful place where ancients used to celebrate Mayan Ceremonies under the tree that is called “PALO PO’.  Next we arrive in San Antonio Palopo, another Mayan Kaqchikel village located on the east side of Lake Atitlan. In this village you will enjoy interacting with the local going about their daily chores or perhaps weaving in front of their houses. San Antonio is also known for its  textiles and ceramics.   We will visit one of the best known ceramic workshops in Guatemala.  Should one want to shop, they can!  On the way home in our boat we will be enjoying the magnificent views of the many villages including San Pedro, San Juan, San Pablo and Santa Cruz la Laguna.


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For more than three people we provide special prices!

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Santa Cruz Spanish School - Santa Cruz la Laguna, Lake Atitlan


Santa Cruz Spanish School has developed from many years of experience.  We make constant efforts to improve the skill of our students in regard to their command of the Spanish language. At each of the levels offered we focus on all the important elements of language acquisition; reading, writing, vocabulary development, pronunciation, and (most importantly) the art of speaking as a Spanish speaker.


Though we offer structure, we are always ready to accommodate student´s particular needs and desires. Our teachers are ready to help if a student feels the need to spend more time on any phase of the learning process...

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Ixim Achi Spanish School - San Pedro la Laguna, Lake Atitlan

comming soon!

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Sapanish Lessons in Santa Cruz la Laguna.